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Infant woolly monkey rescued. Photo: Noga ShaneeNPC's Noga Shanee, accompanied by a team of international reporters cable news network CCTV America and Britain's The Guardian, visited the Peruvian city of Iquitos last week to document the high levels of wildlife trafficking in the city. The investigation lead to the rescue of four animals, as well as the arrest of German Serrubio Rios, a major trafficker who provides wildlife to the notorious Belén Market, currently the biggest wildlife market in Peru, as well as send animals further afield to Lima and internationally. During the investigation, the trafficker reported an alarming network of corruption involving regional and national wildlife authorities. According to his statements not only has he been caught various times by the authorities while trafficking wildlife and easily bribed his way out,he also reviled that by previously paying small bribes he received protection and cooperation from the wildlife authorities by producing false documentation for his animals, allowing him to travel with them.

We are excited by this extremely important case because of it exposes the scale of trafficking and corruption commonly found in Peru. We are following developments closely to make sure that this time the people implicated will not escape justice and that there is a proper investigation into the corruption involved.

Wildlife trafficker intervened by authorities. Photo: Noga Shanee

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