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Reke needs your help!

Reke the bear

Rescued from a circus almost a decade ago, Reke is an Andean bear living at a rescue centre near Tarapoto in Peru. Reke wants nothing more than to climb trees and enjoy the forest. But his enclosure has fallen into disrepair and he has spent most of his life behind rusty iron bars in a small ‘temporary’ cage. Our aim is to restore his original 5000 square foot OUTDOOR enclosure - but we need your help! If NPC can raise just £750 by the end of November then Reke’s life will be vastly improved. Such a small amount of money will make a huge difference to this beautiful animal! Please donate today. Your donation will go directly towards the repair, improvement and maintenance of Reke’s large outdoor enclosure. If we exceed our goal, any extra money will go towards Reke’s continued care and that of the other animals at the centre!

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