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Rescued from a circus almost a decade ago, Reke is an Andean bear living at the Biodiversidad Rescue Centre near Tarapoto in Peru. Reke had a one hectare enclosure made for him when he was rescued, but it has since fallen into disrepair and he has thus spent most of his life behind rusty iron bars in a small ‘temporary’ cage. Thanks to a short and very successful social media appeal, Neotropical Primate Conservation (NPC) managed to collect enough money to repair his large outdoor enclosure. With the excellent cooperation and help of the San Martin wildlife authorities and the National University of San Martín we managed to complete all construction work of the enclosure in time and released Reke to his new home on the last day of the year, so he will go into 2017 from within his beautiful new forest enclosure. After so many years of being locked in a tiny cage, Reke was at first very afraid of the outside and was only leaving his cage for very short periods. However, he really enjoyed the time outside, smelled and tasted all the leaves and even started climbing and playing a bit. We are sure he will grow in confidence and be happy in his new home and we wish him a lot of luck.


Photo: NPC

Reke. Photo: NPC

Reke. Photo: NPC


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