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As it seems virtually impossible that an adequate response from the government will be forthcoming, we have decided on a new course of action to try to reach an agreement with the land invaders living within the Gran Simacache Conservation Concession. We hope to be able to negotiate a deal where they will gain rights over the lands which they have worked on but will become partners in protecting the rest of the area. In early July 2018 we were able to reach the village of the invaders and speak with several of the group. The proposed dialogue was generally received with cautious enthusiasm but encountered strong resistance from some of the invaders. We held an official meeting with the entire village and other groups on 20th October where we presented our proposal. Unfortunately, the community have decided that they want to gain control over a much larger area then they currently use, as such we could not reach an agreement with them, but have scheduled another meeting to continue the dialogue.

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