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Nicola Campbell presenting NPC poster in the IPS meeting, CancunFor the first time NPC were able to attend the bi-annual International Primatological Society meeting, held this year in Cancun, Mexico. NPC’s Sam Shanee, Nestor Allgas and Nicola Campbell all attended the 6 day meeting. We presented our work in Community Conservation in a talk given by Sam on the first day of the conference and also presented three posters detailing results of our research on the yellow tailed woolly monkey, Andean night monkey and our fight against the illegal pet trade inPeru. During the meeting we were also able to participate in updating the list of the worlds 25 most endangered primate species. The yellow tailed woolly monkey has been on four of the last five lists, but thanks to our conservation work, and the work of others, it is probable that this Critically Endangered species will be taken off the list as there new protected areas, education projects and anti hunting initiatives underway throughout its range. We also proposed that to replace this species the San Martin tit monkey be added to the new list as it faces great pressures from deforestation and is the focus of very little conservation attention. This species in found only in the region of San Martin in north easternPeru. We are currently working in San Martin with different Peruvian NGO’s and local associations in the creation of four new protected areas, these will be the first officially protected areas that contain populations of this Critically Endangered species.

Please see our facebook page for photos and more details of this meeting.

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