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Gran Simacache meeting. Photo: Noga ShaneeIn a meeting this week with the regional government of San Martin the association which solicited the ‘Gran Simacache’ Conservation Concessionl, APALP association, Peruvian NGO SPDA, the Kichwa Federation of Huallaga Dorado (a federation of indigenous groups) and ourselves, the regional government offered that the association make a contract with the indigenous federation to allow the use of the area to continue their traditional way of life and in return, help protect this huge area against land invasions.

The concession will still be given in the name of the association but the management will be shared between the two groups. As part of their ancestral culture, the Kichwa people will hunt inside the area, but they have agreed to do so under a management plan that we will make together taking into account the need to give special protection to threatened species. This idea was enthusiastically accepted by all groups involved. We are very pleased that the regional government of San Martin came up with a solution which will help to ensure protection of the Gran Simacahe concession while respecting and promoting indigenous rights.   

The APALP association, which solicited the ‘Sun Angel’s Gardens’ a neighbouring conservation concession, also committed to support and help the protection of Gran Simacache. We believe that the unity between these three groups is the best way to ensure the protection of the Gran Simacache forests and wildlife.      

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