• Today, on a visit to the regional wildlife authorities, we found them with a newly rescued black and white eagle (Spizaetus melanoleucus) that they needed our help with. This specimen was trapped in a cage meant for a much smaller bird, and had been forced through a door that it was too large to pass back out of, meaning we had to cut the bars of the cage in order to be able to free it. Once this was done we rushed the bird to our vet who found and set in plaster a broken left ankle. The animal is now in a much larger cage with space to perch. It will be sent to a rescue centre tomorrow morning where it will rest and recuperate. In one month we will return to remove the plaster from its broken leg and hopefully this magnificent eagle will be able to fly and hunt again.


  • Our latest publication is out now "Community conservation as a tool for primate conservation in Peru", published in the new UNESCO book "Primatology, Biocultural Diversity and Sustainable Development in Tropical Forests", product of a meeting held by UNESCO Mexico attended by NPC Peru's Nestor Allgas. Below are some screen shots of the book which will be freely available for download soon, we will post the link when it's ready.


  • Congratulations to NPC trustee Hannah Parathian for her latest publication in the International Journal of Primatology's special volume on Ethnoprimatology. The article is open access so please feel free to download and read it here.

  • NPC Colombia continues it's conservation efforts for the Critically Endangered Colombian Spider Monkey (Ateles fusciceps rufiventris). During a recent trip to Santa Cecilia in Risaralda department, investigator Sebastian Bustamante was able to film and photograph a group of A. f. rufiventris.

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