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Since January we have been involved in the rescue of 177 wild animals from illegal trafficking! The anti-trafficking operations we organized with the authorities have led to the arrest of seven wildlife traffickers.

These anti trafficking operations included raids on five markets in Pucallpa, which resulted in the arrest of four traffickers, the rescue of live animals and confiscation of close to a hundred kilograms of bush meat. Two other raids took place in the Vado Market in Yurimaguas, Loreto, where more than 150 animals were rescued and two traffickers were arrested.

Those detained by police are currently under investigation and both administrative and criminal proceedings have been opened against them. Thanks to recent changes in the Peruvian wildlife laws immediate sentencing is possible for the first time and penalties have been increased to 3 to 6 years in prison and a minimum fine of S/.39,500 (about $11,000).

NPC's undercover work helped identify the trafficking centers and during the raids we helped identify illegal activity and have aided in care of the rescued animals.

None of this would have been possible without the work of the authorities of Ucayali and Loreto. These regions are national centers of wildlife trafficking in Peru, with hundred to thousands of animals trafficked every day, smuggled from the rainforest to coastal cities and out of the country. These kinds of operations are an absolute necessity to combat these practices that are driving many species to extinction. We hope that under the new wildlife law raids will be much more frequent until wildlife trafficking will be stamped out.


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