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Capacity building workshop for wildlife authorities and rescue centres

On the 5th to the 7th of April we gave a 3 day workshop on the care of recently rescued fauna.

The workshop was given to the wildlife authorities, environmental police and rescue centres of San Martin region, Peru. Each day's activities were divided between theoretical and practical sessions focused on biosecurity, basic health care and nutrition for rescued animals. During practical sessions, the authorities learned how to handle rescued animals in the correct way; safest both for the animals and the handlers, and how to make a preliminary evaluation of the health of recently rescued animals and simple medical treatments for the most common issues that could easily save lives. The course took place in the Chuyachaqui rescue centre where we could work with the animals and at the same time check the health of and treat them.

The workshop was organized by the Regional Environmental Authorities of San Martin and NPC with classes given by NPC vets Patricia Mendoza and Yumi Matsuno and our project director Noga Shanee.

We owe a big thank you to Luis Mendo and Vladimir Palomino, to the Chuyachaqui rescue centre as well as to all the enthusiastic participants. It was great fun and a very important workshop.



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