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Street Animal Sterilization

As part of our support for the community Yambrasbamba for their great efforts in conservation, we recently ran a first sterilization campaign of domestic pets in the community. During the campaign 8 dogs and 2 cats were sterilized and others received general veterinary care.

A good veterinary care and control population size of pets is exceptionally important in areas of high biodiversity, near forests, as these animals go into the woods to hunt frequently and can transmit diseases to wildlife which can result in risky epidemics for wildlife populations.

We are very grateful to vets Ana Priscila Aguilar Peralta, Giancarlo Inga, Patricia Mendoza and Kevin Diaz Pelaez Malpica who operated on the animals and kindly donated their time, equipment and materials.

This project is very important and earned lot of interest from people, so we want to continue to sterilize dogs and cats in the surrounding villages. So far we have not received any funds for sterilization and surgery expenses were covered by veterinarians, so please consider donating to this project.


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