Conservation Concession Iguahuana- Dry Forests of Delta, Amazonas

This is a 423 ha Conservation Concession in an area of dry forest near the village of Delta, in the department of Amazonas. The area is administrated by Mr. Rosas Torres Guerrero, a local farmer who has been protecting the area for the last 15 years and asked for our help in gaining legal recognition. Iguahuana is the local name of an endemic tree species abundant in the area. The forests in the area are classed as Dry Forest of the Marañon River Valley; these forests are very special and give habitat to many endemic species. Unfortunately, they suffer from extremely high rates of destruction. This will be the first ever protected area for this habitat type.

The reserve is officially registered with the Regional Government of Amazonas under resolution: RDRS No. 388 2012-GRA/GRDE/DRA/D.

If you like to visit the area click here for more information. 

                                                 Iguahuana-Dry forests of Delta

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