We’re on Milkywire

We are excited to officially announce our collaboration with @milkywire. Milkywire is a new and unique crowdfunding platform for vetted grassroots NGOs. It’s an app where we post updates about our work regularly and where we can receive funds from users. It allows supporters to really get closer to the reality of my work in conservation, the progress, the discoveries and even the setbacks.

Milkywire is crowdfunding for 40+ other great organizations and colleagues from all over the world. We are all working towards fighting climate change, preserving wildlife, saving our oceans, protecting forests and planting trees.

The funds coming through Milkywire really help our work, and lets you make a real difference for the planet and literally see the change happening.

The best Milkywire experience is through the app which can be downloaded on AppStore and Google Play.

You can also support us on Milkywire here: https://www.milkywire.com/impacters/sam

Please consider downloading the app and becoming a monthly supporter of my work, it makes a real difference.