NPC and the Climate Emergency

Did you know NPC is a signatory of the Alliance of World Scientists warning to humanity of the Climate Emergency? You can watch the latest Climate Emergency video which outlines 6 steps needed to save the planet:

1) Energy – Swiftly phase out fossil fuels

2) Short-lived pollutants – Quickly cutting emissions of methane, black carbon (soot), hydrofluorocarbons and other short-lived climate pollutants.

3) Nature – Restore and protect natural ecosystems such as forests, mangroves, wetlands and grasslands.

4) Food – A shift toward eating more plant-based foods and consuming fewer animal products, especially beef.

5) Economy – Transition to a carbon-free economy.

6) Population – The global population must be stabilized using approaches such as supporting education for all girls and women.

or read the report article here: