We are really excited to share with you the launch of Neotropical Primate Conservation Argentina, the latest member of the NPC family, joining NPC UK, NPC Peru, and NPC Colombia!

Over the coming weeks we will be updating the site with information about the primates, people, and projects which will form part of this new stage in our work.

Argentina is home to five species of primate, which inhabit different forest types in the northern part of the country, especially in the provinces of Formosa, Chaco, Corrientes, Misiones, Salta, Jujuy, and Santa Fe. Some of these species are threatened with extinction, including the brown howler monkey (Alouatta guariba clamitans) which is listed as Critically Endangered in Argentina, and listed as one of the world’s 25 most threatened primate species. Similarly, the spectacular black and gold howler monkey (Alouatta caraya), Azara’s night monkey (Aotus azarae), and Azara’s capuchin (Sapajus cay) are all listed as Vulnerable in Argentina, and the black horned capuchin (Sapajus nigritus) which is listed as Vulnerable in Argentina and Near Threatened by the IUCN. Habitat loss and hunting are the main threats these species, and understanding their ecological and conservation needs will be priorities for our work.

Argentina has a long history of investigation in the field and lab based studies on genetics, hormones, and parasites, and is one of the most advanced countries in the neotropics with regards to primatology. Studies have been, or continue to be, carried out by researchers at all levels in academia, and perhaps most importantly there has been an increase in the number of students carrying out their Ph.D. research at different field sites in the country. A legacy we aim to build on in our work.