The Asociación de Protección Ambiental del Bosque El Quinillal (APABOQUI) handed in the technical proposal for the creation of the “El Quinillal” conservation concession. This area covers 10,696 ha of tropical dry forest in the San Martin region. NPC, together with Peruvian NGO AMPA, was able to help the association with biological inventories, and coordination of the bureaucratic process related to the creation of the reserve. We will continue to provide help to this conservation initiative into the future. The area, called “El Quinillal” after a native tree species, protects the unique dry forest in the Huallaga river valley of central San Martin region. During fieldwork, we recorded the presence of red howler monkeys (Alouatta seniculus), saddle back tamarins (Saguinus fuscicollis), and white-tailed titi monkeys (Callicebus discolor)  as well as many other species of wildlife.

Created in December 2015 by the regional resolution N°001-2015 – GRSM -ARA – DEACRN.