Human Rights and Development

Colombia Solidarity Campaign UK: Seeking to help counter selective and bias reporting and gives opposition to paramilitary violence backed by foreign capital which is extracting resources at the expense of the Colombian people and it’s flora and fauna. The Colombia Solidarity Campaign campaigns for a socially just and sustainable peace in Colombia based on a respect of human rights and an end to foreign military intervention.

ECOSIDE – The 5th Missing Crime Against Peace: Join NPC in the Global Initiative to Eradicate Ecocide and make those who destroy the planet criminally liable. Communities throughout the world are facing the risk of being displaced and harmed as a result of commercially driven motives without their voices being heard. It has been proposed that Ecocide be recognized as the fifth Crime Against Peace to stop this from happening. “We have a choice: step into the role of being stewards of our communities, or let others determine what happens next” (Polly Higgins, Environmental Lawyer).

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