Camera Trap in Action

It’s always exciting to go through camera trap photos! Here’s a selection from the latest batch, the star of the show is definitely the ocelot for sure, we confirmed the species at the site previously, but this is the first time we’ve caught it on camera trap.

Thanks to our conservation efforts for primates we are also protecting many other species with which they share their forest home.

New Paper on Primate Rehabilitation

A massive congratulations to the authors, including NPC Peru board member Patricia Mendoza, on this new paper out today in the IUCN/SSC Primate Specialist Group journal Primate Conservation “Challenges to IUCN Guideline Implementation in the

Rehabilitation and Release of Trafficked Primates in Peru”

The paper can be downloaded freely from this link

New Equipment for NPC

Thanks to very generous grants from the International Primate Protection League and one private donor we are able to help the Environmental Authorities of San Martin and Loreto, Peru, with much needed travel kennels, GPS units and a drone for their continued fight against the illegal wildlife trade and destruction of the Amazon forests.

You too can make donations to our projects or for equipment to help us in Peru and Colombia (You just need to visit our website and click on the donate button)

Filming with NPC

NPC Colombia were recently visited by Rev_Earth from France, who came to film the conservation work we do with the local community. While in the area around the village of Santa Cecilia, Risaralda, they were lucky enough to encounter the projects flagship species, the Colombian black spider monkey (Ateles fusciceps rufiventris)!

See their work at: Rêv-Earth | Facebook

NPC and the Climate Emergency

Did you know NPC is a signatory of the Alliance of World Scientists warning to humanity of the Climate Emergency? You can watch the latest Climate Emergency video which outlines 6 steps needed to save the planet:

1) Energy – Swiftly phase out fossil fuels

2) Short-lived pollutants – Quickly cutting emissions of methane, black carbon (soot), hydrofluorocarbons and other short-lived climate pollutants.

3) Nature – Restore and protect natural ecosystems such as forests, mangroves, wetlands and grasslands.

4) Food – A shift toward eating more plant-based foods and consuming fewer animal products, especially beef.

5) Economy – Transition to a carbon-free economy.

6) Population – The global population must be stabilized using approaches such as supporting education for all girls and women.

or read the report article here:

Ocelot Rescue

We have been helping another victim of the illegal wildlife trade.

This baby ocelot was rescued by the wildlife authorities in Moyobamba, Peru, and has been recovering under veterinary care. Today he will arrive at his new home, the RAREC rescue centre in Iquitos.

Please do not buy wildlife (you are not rescuing the animal if you do, you are just encouraging further trade) and please do not frequent attractions that use wildlife illegally!

We’re on Milkywire

We are excited to officially announce our collaboration with @milkywire. Milkywire is a new and unique crowdfunding platform for vetted grassroots NGOs. It’s an app where we post updates about our work regularly and where we can receive funds from users. It allows supporters to really get closer to the reality of my work in conservation, the progress, the discoveries and even the setbacks.

Milkywire is crowdfunding for 40+ other great organizations and colleagues from all over the world. We are all working towards fighting climate change, preserving wildlife, saving our oceans, protecting forests and planting trees.

The funds coming through Milkywire really help our work, and lets you make a real difference for the planet and literally see the change happening.

The best Milkywire experience is through the app which can be downloaded on AppStore and Google Play.

You can also support us on Milkywire here:

Please consider downloading the app and becoming a monthly supporter of my work, it makes a real difference.