You can come and work with us in our projects in South America as a volunteer, we have opportunities in Peru year-round. Also, students and researchers are welcome to contact us about working at our sites in both Peru and Colombia (Because of the difficult situation in Colombia we are not accepting volunteers at present. Students and researchers can contact npccolombia@neoprimate.org to discuss options).

What do we do?

Since 2007, NPC has been working in northern Peru towards conservation of primates and habitat. Our projects focus on three Threatened species, the yellow tailed woolly monkey, Peruvian night monkey and the San Martín titi monkey, all 3 of which are found nowhere else on earth!

Project volunteers are involved in all aspects of the project which combines the creation of community-run protected areas with scientific investigation, reforestation (using native tree species that are beneficial to humans and wildlife), and environmental education.

Although we began in a small way, working in a single community to protect just one area of forest, the project has grown and we now work with a dozen local communities across two states. To help the project continue to achieve even more, we are always looking for teams of enthusiastic and hardworking volunteers whose presence will allow us to collect data more effectively, help maintain the tree nurseries, and spread our conservation message to other communities. Our work, including the volunteer programme, also brings employment and financial benefits to villagers in these local communities.

Another key component of our work is the fight against illegal wildlife trafficking and poaching. Volunteers may be asked to help with the care and transport of rescued wildlife, as well as information gathering and coordination with wildlife authorities. This will only be asked of you if you feel comfortable and if it is safe to do so.

Who are we looking for?

To be a volunteer you must be able to speak basic Spanish (The better your Spanish, the more you will be able to interact with local people), be able to commit to at least two months (3 months or longer is preferred) and preferably have experience in one of the project’s fields of study: Biology, education, sustainable development or reforestation. To apply for a Project Assistant position, please contact us.

Although experience is preferred, we provide training in field methods in conservation, a window into a career as a conservation biologist and, hopefully, an unforgettable experience!


We ask all international volunteers, students, and researcher to pay the costs of their accommodation, food, local travel, and field work (Mainly in the case of students and researchers) during their time with us. Your payment donation provides much needed funds to support your participation and helps pay the wages of your local guides who will help you in your work. It also allows us to fund the participation of local students in the project, thus developing in-country capacity for the future of conservation. NO money from this goes towards overheads or management costs.

For volunteers the cost is £400 (or equivalent in another currency) per month of your participation. Long term volunteers may receive a reduction or waiver after the first 3 months. Student and researcher costs are based on this basic fee but this may vary depending in the specific project being undertaken and any additional equipment or other needs.

What now?

If you think you’ve got what it takes to work in the Peruvian cloud forest and would like to offer your help to our project, please apply now either through the contact form or by writing directly to info@neoprimate.org.