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Neotropical Primate Conservation (NPC) was founded by Sam and Noga Shanee and Lizzie Cooke in 2007. It began as a non-profit organization and was awarded UK charity status in August 2009 (Registered Charity number 1131122).  NPC was set up in order to promote the conservation of Neotropical forest habitat and wildlife through various means. These include: land protection; research; improvement of degraded habitat for wildlife; creation of public awareness; and facilitation of the commercialisation of sustainable, ecological products on behalf of local people. Since 2007 NPC has been using the Critically Endangered yellow tailed woolly monkey (Lagothrix flavicauda), the Critically Endangered Rio Mayo titi monkey (Callicebus oenanthe) and the Vulnerable Peruvian night monkey (Aotus miconax) as “flagship species” for conservation in the Tropical Andes Biodiversity Hotspot of North-Eastern Peru. We aim to create private and community-run reserves that will protect major areas of the natural biological corridors connecting existing protected areas.  This will ensure long term habitat protection for our three endemic flagship species and other sympatric species. Through this work we help local communities strengthen their stewardship of nature as well as their traditional and cultural identities, benefiting both humans and the environment. We are proud to be a small charity, operating with limited resources but with abundant commitment. We run dozens of low cost projects that have already proven successful, and we use our experiences to globally promote efficient conservation.

-The NPC team


NPC UK- Noga Shanee

Noga Shanee

Noga Shanee has many years of experience in primate conservation working in many rescue centres in South America and Australia as well as reintroduction projects in Asia and the Middle East. It was whilst volunteering in Bolivia that she met Sam for the first time. She continued her work in animal rescue at several projects and in 2004 married Sam whilst working at the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project in Phuket, Thailand. Their wedding was the first ever gibbon style wedding, complete with the bride swinging down from the trees. Noga graduated from Oxford Brookes University, UK, with an MSc in Primate Conservation. She was recently awarded a PhD in Political Ecology from the University of Kent, UK.

NPC UK - Sam Shanee

Sam Shanee

Sam Shanee has considerable experience in field research and primate conservation.
He began his carrer working in rescue centres and re-introduction projects in South America as well as in Asia and the Middle East. It was whilst volunteering in Bolivia that he met Noga for the first time. They continued their work at rescue centres and in 2004 married whilst working at the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project in Phuket, Thailand. In 2006 Sam graduated from Oxford Brookes University, UK, with an MSc in Primate Conservation and is currently finishing his PhD at the same universtiy. Since 2007 he has been in South America to carrying out conservation and research in Peru and Colombia and is currenlty joint director of NPC’s Yellow Tailed Woolly Monkey Project.

NPC UK- Brooke Aldrich

Brooke Aldrich

Brooke Aldrich joined the team in late 2007. Originally trained as an artist, Brooke has been involved with primate welfare and conservation issues since 1999 when she first volunteered at a monkey sanctuary in the UK. Since then she has worked and volunteered with monkeys at a number of rescue centres in Europe, North and South America. Brooke met Sam and Noga Shanee at Oxford Brookes University while studying for her MSc in Primate Conservation. She is now enrolled on a second MSc course in International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law (University of Edinburgh) and is particularly interested in the interplay between the use of primates as “entertainers”, the legal and illegal trades in primates and conservation efforts in the wild. Since 2008, Brooke has been employed as campaigns manager and primate keeper at Wild Futures’ Monkey Sanctuary in Cornwall, UK.

NPC UK - Hannah Parathian

Hannah Parathian

Hannah joined the NPC team in June 2012. She is a postgraduate research student in the final year of her PhD in environmental anthropology. Her research looks at how local people's perceptions of wildlife can be incorporated into conservation and land management programmes, promoting a holistic approach to the social and biological sciences. Having lived and worked with the Tikuna Indians Hannah is specifically interested in Amazonian world views and belief systems.

NPC UK- Liz Tyson

Liz Tyson

when she joined the team at the Wild Futures Monkey Sanctuary as an Education Officer and member of the Primate Welfare Team. In 2007, Liz co-founded UK registered charity, Entropika UK, and acted as Director of the charity’s Colombian partner organisation, Fundacion Entropika, based in the southern Colombian Amazon, until 2009.

NPC UK - Izzy Hunt

Izzy Hunt

Izzy joined NPC in 2014. She has a BSc in Zoology and has volunteered for primate charities since 2004. In 2009 Izzy completed the Wild Futures internship and has carried out research for their campaign against the UK primate pet trade for the last 5 years. She also helps with fundraising for the Barbary macaque charity Moroccan Primate Conservation UK. Izzy currently works as Operations Manager for a kitchen design company, and is looking forward to putting her experience in administration and accounts to good use at NPC.

NPC UK - Dr Mika Peck

Dr Mika Peck

Mika is a conservation biologist based at the University of Sussex (UK). His research is focused on conservation and sustainable livelihood projects in South America and Papua New Guinea - a major focus has been the application of the 'parabiologist' approach to provide training at the grassroots level to identify development pathways that optimise local sustainable livelihoods and conservation goals (www.sussex.ac.uk/lifesci/pecklab/).

NPC UK- Laura Dalgetty

Laura Dalgetty

Laura joined the NPC team in 2013. She has a BSc in Zoology and began working with primates and their conservation after carrying out a study on the endangered Red Colobus monkey in The Gambia in 2007. From there she went on to volunteer at The Wild Futures Monkey Sanctuary in 2009, where she was introduced to Liz and Brooke. Laura has been involved with various primate research and rehabilitation projects around Africa and continues to broaden her experience in New World primate species through volunteer work.

NPC UK - Ashley Atkins

Ashley Atkins

Ashley graduated with a degree in Zoo Biology in 2010 and went on to do an MA the year after. She now works in London, spending her spare time as a volunteer dog walker. In 2007 she worked at Enkosini wildlife sanctuary in South Africa, helping manage and maintain the reserve, and caring for rescued animals. Then, in 2008 she spent some months at Harnas wildlife rehabilitation centre helping with wildlife rehabilitation and rescue in Namibia. Her most recent trip was to Kenya to work as a volunteer fundraiser for the colobus Conservation Trust. The charity's aim was the conservation, protection and preservation of the endangered Angolan colobus monkey.

NPC UK- Katie Chabriere

Katie Chabriere

Having qualified as a linguist and translator, Katie lived for some time in South Africa and Thailand, where she taught languages and volunteered at the Vervet Monkey Foundation and the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project. After an internship at Wild Futures' Monkey Sanctuary, whilst studying a diploma in animal care, she went on to work for the primate welfare team and as Education Officer. Katie is currently Education Officer for Moroccan Primate Conservation UK, where she is piloting extra-curricular conservation Education Programmes, as well as running programmes out in Morocco to raise awareness of the plight of the Barbary macaque.

NPC Peru - Alejandro Alarcon Pardo

Alejandro Alarcon Pardo

Alejandro is a Zoologist from San Marcos University, Peru and director of NPC-Peru. Since 2007, when he started his studies, he has travelled to many areas of Peru (Ayacucho, San Martín, Ica, Lambayeque, Amazonas, Cajamarca y Junín) for courses, biological inventories and for work. These experiences allowed him to interact with nature and observe environmental problems first hand. At the end of 2012 he joined NPC as a volunteer, taking part in our field activities. The experience he has gained with us allowed him to become much more involved in the conservation of wildlife. Ornithology is his main area of interest and since 2014 he has been studying the Long Whiskered Owlet (Xenoglaux loweryi), a threatened endemic species found in the humid montane forests of Yambrasbamba, Amazonas.

NPC Peru - Fiorella Briceño

Fiorella Briceño

Fiorella is a Biologist from Rcardo palma University, Peru. Through her commitment and passion to the conservation of Peruuvian biodiversity she has worked in various environmental education and conservation projects. In 2011 she arrived as a volunteer at NPC looking for a project that combined conservation with a strong community component. She worked with us in our yellow tailed woolly monkey project in Amazonas and San Martin. Fiorella is especially interested in studying the effects of anthropogenic activities on group ecology in Primates. She also continues with her interest in projects of environmental education and sustainable development.

NPC Peru - Carlos Alberto Quispe Gil

Carlos Alberto Quispe Gil

Carlos Alberto is a biologist from San Antonio Abad University in Cusco. He was born and raised in the Peruvian Andes (Abancay, Apurimac). Since a very young age Carlos Alberto liked observing and caring for nature, for this reason he decided to study Biologia. His major interest is in conservation of Perus native wildlife, contributing to government and NGO projects. In 2011 he joined NPC’s team, happy to find allies for his conservation work. Currently he works on conservation projects in Peru and Costa Rica.

NPC Peru - Sandra Lucia Almeyda Zambrano

Sandra Lucia Almeyda Zambrano

Sandra is a forestry engineer for La Molina University , Peru. She spent most of her childhood climbing trees in the jungle, swimming in the sea and even fighting altitude sickness in the Andes. She always felt and still maintaines a strong conection with nature which has always pushed her to work in conservation. Since 2010 she has principally been involved in studies of amphibians and mammals and has helped in the creation and management of several protected areas. Most recently she has worked in environmental education in Costa Rica. Sandra first came to NPC in 2011 expecting to volunteer for just 2 months. After finding a strong connection with our vision, mission and work she became a director of NPC-Peru.

NPC Peru - Néstor Allgas Marchena

Néstor Allgas Marchena

Néstor studied Biology at San Marcos University, Peru. In 2009 he began volunteering with NPC where months became years and he continues to work with us to this day. Nestor has carried out investigations on many primate species, including Peruvian endemics such as the yellow tailed woolly monkey (Oreonax flavicauda) and the Andean night monkey (Aotus miconax); he is also an accomplished herpetologist, helping in biological inventories for the creation of many protected areas. Nestor also works in environmental education and sustainable development with rural communities. He has represented NPC at scientific and academic events nationally and internationally. Nestor is currently director of NPC-Peru, our sister NGO, together with other young and enthusiastic professionals. He continues his volunteer work in conservation in one of the most biodiverse and fragile ecosystems in the world.

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