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Land Protection in Argentina

NPC Argentina works together with several private reserves, with the idea of carrying out studies on primates to help the development and management of protected areas and their buffer zones.

We work in the south of Misiones province, where the upper Paraná Atlantic Forest ecoregion meets the wooded savannas, dominated by tall grasslands with large cattle ranches like the Estancia Santa Cecilia, in northern ​​Misiones in the Bioreserva Karaya, and with the Yacutinga Private Reserve and throughout the province of Corrientes. Beyond studies, we also implement ecotourism based on the observation of primates, or “primate watching” as a way to give value to primates in the environment as regenerators of the forest and provide economic alternatives to the owners of these private reserves and ranches.
We were also collaborators in the elaboration of the National Action Plan for the Conservation of Primates in Argentina, which was coordinated by the Argentinian Primatological Association (APRIMA), together with the Ministerio de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sostenible de la Nación. This plan involves multisector participation in conservation between many actors including scientists, the public and private sectors, NGOs, and private reserve owners.
NPC Argentina is supporting the Karadya BioReserve. A 100 ha Reserve dedicated to the conservation of Argentina´s endangered Atlantic Forest, in the north-east of Misiones Province.

Reserves we work with