The Karadya BioReserve

Reserva privada, Argentina
Size : 100 ha
Since : December 2010
Resolution : -
NPC Argentina supports theThe Karadya BioReserve, a 100 ha Private Reserve dedicated to the conservation of Argentina´s endangered Atlantic Forest. It is located within the Biological Corridor linking the Urugua-í (84,000 ha), Foerster (5,000 ha) and Segismundo Welcz (200 ha) Provincial Parks in the north-east of Misiones Province in Argentina.
Most of the BioReserve is covered by well-preserved primary forest, through which Karadya has a network of trails designed to allow people access to the forest and so they can see some of the many animals that inhabit it. More than 40 species of mammals and over 300 species of birds live here, along with a dazzling array of butterflies.
The creation of the Karadya BioReserve helps to protect the vitally important fauna, flora and ecosystems in the area. Lying within a Biological Corridor it is key to re-establishing the free movement of wildlife throughout the area and between the bordering Provincial Parks. The Karadya BioReserve is essential to ensure the continuity and connectivity of this Corridor.
The area has a high diversity of birdlife, but some of the species are threatened with extinction from habitat destruction and the illegal pet trade. For these reasons, in 2010, the Biological Corridor area was declared an Important Bird Area (IBA) by Birdlife Argentina and Birdlife International.
In this reserve several research projects are carried out on primates as well as on other endemic species of the Atlantic forest. It is also a place where talks and meetings are held with park rangers and with the local community.

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