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NPC Perú

Peru has one of the greatest diversities of primate species of any country in the world, but unfortunately many are threatened with extinction.

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NPC Perú Projects

Founded in 2014 by a group of friends who shared the same passion for conservation.

 We have been working in Peru since 2007, where our efforts combine scientific investigation of primates, their habitats and sympatric species, reforestation with native tree species, environmental education, and sustainable social and economic development work to promote the creation of community-run reserves. We also actively work against the illegal wildlife trade and help in caring for and re-homing animals rescued from trafficking.


We have become pioneers in the successful implementation of community-based conservation, replicating successful initiatives across northern Peru, and are also leaders in the fight against the illegal wildlife trade.

Land Protection

We help local people create and manage reserves to protect their natural resources, and in so doing, protect primates, their habitats, and all species.
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Environmental Education

Generating proper understanding of the need for conservation ensures longevity of our initiatives. We work with adults and children to promote awareness.
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Social Development

Not only do we try and improve local livelihoods through direct economic means, we also aim to improve quality of life through sustainable projects wherever we work.
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Scientific Investigation

We work with some of the least known species on earth, our investigations provide essential knowledge for conserving these species.
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We build and maintain native species tree nurseries, planting hundereds of thousands of trees to recover habitats and provide resources to local communities.
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Animal Rescue

The illegal wildlife trade is driving many species to extinction, and we are on the front lines in the fight against trafficking, helping authorities identify, rescue, and care for trafficked wildlife
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Meet the team


Nestor Allgas
NPC Perú

Nestor is a biologist from San Marcos University, Lima, and has an MSc in Environmental Development from San Martin University.

Nestor began working at NPC in 2009 as a volunteer, and since then has made countless studies on many primate species. He is also a herpetologist, carrying out inventories, as well as working in education, and representing NPC in various scientific and academic events, both nationally and internationally. Since 2013 he has been President of NPC Peru and continues his work in conservation of primates and their habitats in one of the most biodiverse and fragile ecosystems on earth.
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Lorena Fernández Hidalgo
NPC Perú

Lorena Fernández Hidalgo started her career as a primatologist during her time at the Mona Foundation primate rescue centre in Girona, Spain.

This experience led her to pursue a masters degree in Primatology for Girona University, where she specialized in ethology and conservation. Lorena first joined NPC as a volunteer, later returning to carry out her thesis research on behaviour and social organization in yellow tailed woolly monkeys.

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Patricia Mendoza
NPC Perú

Patricia Mendoza is a wildlife veterinarian with experience in conservation policy, wildlife epidemiology and public health research in Peru.

Her work seeks to highlight the health risks emerging from wildlife trafficking. She has a Certificate in Emerging Infectious Disease Epidemiology from the University of Iowa, and a MSc in Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics from the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL). She is currently a doctoral candidate at UMSL, researching the disease risks of reintroducing primates recovered from wildlife trafficking. She is also a member of the IUCN Wildlife Health Specialist Group.
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Karla Ramirez
NPC Perú

Karla is a biologist who first came to NPC in 2011. She developed an interest in the social dimensions of conservation and environmental education through community conservation work.

She has an MSc in Environmental Studies from the University of Victoria, Wellington, New Zealand, returning to NPC in 2015 to carry out her thesis research in the community of La Primavera. Her work focuses on educational and political processes in conservation projects, leading her to found ComunaCiencia, through which she promotes multicultural scientific education in Peruvian schools and colleges.
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Alejandro Alarcon Pardo
NPC Perú

Alejandro is a Zoologist from San Marcos University, Peru. Since 2007, when he started his studies, he has travelled to many areas of Peru training and working.

At the end of 2012 Alejandro joined NPC as a volunteer and later director, taking part in our field activities. Ornithology is his main area of interest and since 2014 he has been studying the Long Whiskered Owlet (Xenoglaux loweryi), a threatened endemic species found in the humid montane forests of Amazonas
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Yeissy Sarmiento
NPC Perú

Yesissy is a biologist from San Luis Gonzaga University. She joined NPC as a researcher in 2014, and later became involved in our education activities.

She holds an MSc in Environmental Education from the Federal University of Rio Grande, Brasil. For Yeissy, education is a means to translate and communicate scientific knowledge of the natural environment to the general public.

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Fiorella Herrera
NPC Perú

Fiorella Herrera, or Fiochi as she is known, studies marine biology, is an ambassador for the Sustainable Development Goals Fund of the United Nations,

a member of Global Shapers, and sits on the Municipal Environment Commission of Miraflores, Lima. She is also an ambassador for youth and student peace in Peru, and founder of the organization We Can Be Heroes.
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Sam Shanee

Before establishing NPC, Sam worked on various wildlife rescue and reintroduction projects in South America, Asia and the Middle East.

In 2006 Sam graduated with an MSc in Primate Conservation and in 2013 he earned his PhD in the conservation and ecology of Andean primates, both from Oxford Brookes University, UK. Since 2007 he has been in South America carrying out conservation and research in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. He tries to bridge the gap between academia and activism. Sam lives in the city of Moyobamba but is frequently in the field or on the road between our various projects.

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Anthony Almeyda Fuertes
NPC Perú

Anthony is a Mammalogist from San Marcos University, Peru. Since 2012 he has been involved in numerous field research on small

flying and non-flying mammals accumulating experience regarding mammals’ inventories and bioacoustics. In 2016 he took part in conservation work on the critically endangered San Martín’s Titi Monkey (Plecturocebus Oenanthe). In late 2022 he joined NPC as a community project coordinator working with two conservation concessions: El gran Simacache and Jardines Ángel del Sol with the goal of protecting the fragile ecosystems where primates live.

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