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Environmental Education in Perú

One of the most important activities in ensuring long term sustainability of conservation work is environmental education. A proper understanding of the natural environment and its importance in our everyday lives is key to gaining public support for conservation actions. In Peru, NPC puts this into practice everyday, reaching out to diverse audiences about primates and other fauna, their habitats, and the need for functioning, healthy ecosystems in supplying vital natural resources such as water and nutrients for homes and farming.

We achieve this through concerted actions aimed at all levels of society and age groups. In villages surrounding the reserves we help protect, or where we carry out reforestation and investigation work, we regularly carry out activities for school children and young people involving games, theater, art, sport, science, and traditional classes. These are combined with workshops and events for parents and other adults in the community.
We also team up with local universities to provide opportunities for trainee teachers to carry out their practical work experience in rural villages, helping with the school curriculum, while also giving classes in environmental education developed by us and the local education authorities. This helps the students by providing funded training that otherwise would not be available, helps the local schools and communities by providing additional teaching staff, and helps our work by developing environmental knowledge and consciousness in future generations. This has also led to the publication and distribution of an environmental text book aimed at primary and secondary school students in northern Peru. The textbook, made with the Universidad Nacional Toribio Rodriguez de Mendoza de Amazonas, details local environmental problems in Amazonas and San Martin regions in the context of larger global environmental issues such as climate change, environmental contamination, deforestation and hunting. The printed textbook was freely distributed to its target audience and, as with all our publications, is available for download for free.

NPC Peru also carries out general awareness campaigns, making use of posters, flyers, radio, TV, the internet, and other mediums. Topics we cover include endangered species, anti-trafficking, and the importance of native species in reforestation activities. Similarly, whenever we carry out field work in new areas, we make use of our time to present our activities and the reasons for them to local communities, and offer our help in any conservation projects they may have.