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NPC Annual Report 2022

    NPC Annual Report 2022

    NPC Annual Report for 2022 now published!

    Celebrating all the work undertaken by the NPC entities in the UK and South America throughout 2022, the report can be found below.

    In 2022, NPC continued to grow and increase our impact across South America, and we received some well-deserved recognition for our achievements in conservation. 


    In Peru, we continued to support the many community-based conservation areas developed in conjunction with local people over the last 15 years, began developing four new reserves, strengthened our education activities through partnerships with other NGOs, and continued to build our impressive resumé of scientific investigations.

    In Colombia, we focused on strengthening our presence in community areas, developing field sites for long-term investigation with local support, while continuing to promote forest conservation at some of the most remote locations in the country.


    In Argentina, the newest member of the NPC family, the focus was on education against the illegal wildlife trade and increasing legal protection for the country’s most threatened primates.


    Together, NPC continues to speak up for Neotropical primates internationally, participating in events, legal consultations and fundraisers.

    As always, we are grateful for the support we have received over the last 12 months – support without which none of this would have been possible!

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